Customer acquisition in online retail is often a social media play, a highly measurable channel with a proven return on ad spend. When it comes to customer acquisition in physical retail, it’s not possible to click on an Instagram ad and wind up in a store. Instead, the last touch a shopper often has is with out of home. 

Billboards, digital signage, screens at the gas pump, taxi toppers -- everything that motivates a consumer in the real world to visit a store is the definitive customer acquisition channel for brick and mortar retailers. But how to measure it beyond estimated impressions? Download this webinar recording to learn how to measure out of home as effectively as digital channels. Having developed the industry-leading measurement methodology and attribution deliverables for Walmart, Tim Hortons, DoorDash, GrubHub, and many other retail brands and agencies, Jon Frangakis will share best practices for measuring and justifying your commitment to OOH as the key customer acquisition channel.

The webinar covers:

  • How to measure OOH ad placements the same way you measure digital channels
  • New ways to consider OOH as a performance marketing channel
  • When to use OOH as brand awareness and when to expect more

Jon Frangakis
CCO of Reveal Mobile
Co-Founder of Mira


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