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Influencer marketing has hit its stride. More than 90% of B2C marketers engage influencers to build awareness and credibility for their brands. The most sophisticated marketers are also using influencers to drive in-store sales and tying top-line results back to influencer campaigns. This is what sets top-performing brands and marketers apart from their peers who are spending just to expand their reach.

Join the Reveal Mobile team to learn how you can run influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram and TikTok to generate sales and tie your paid media investments to in-store foot traffic. We’ll share the secrets to creating influencer content that converts along with real-world campaign examples.


The webinar covers:
  • How agencies, brands, and retailers are using influencers to drive foot traffic to stores
  • How to optimize social media audiences for store visits
  • How to measure foot traffic and in-store sales from influencer campaigns
  • And much more